8 Nov 2010

Dani nove glazbe 2010 / poster - program

"New Music Days" is a contemporary music festival specialised in music emerged in the last 25 years and it represents a cross section of musical events in Croatia and the new music worldwide. The concept of poster is based on the basic typographic identity which, in combination with the notation markings for dynamics, is leading towards the creation of a certain tone or sound when reading the poster. The program of festival events is printed on the back of poster; therefore by simply overlapping it the festival program booklet is created.

13 Sep 2010

FMFS 2010 campaign

The campaign concept originates from contemplating human beings and their fascination with other human beings which is immanent in the film industry. In everyday life that notion is expressed through gossip or small talk, especially common for the Mediterranean. By communicating with the portraits of common people this series tried to raise curiosity among local people and communicate with the broadest spectrum of potential audience. Each poster is intended for a certain group of people depending on their age. The combination of posters creates a mosaic of people that inspire the life of the festival. Laid back character of the festival is emphasised by infantile illustrations, film titles and directors' names similar to those that can be found on the streets.

Program booklet

Program booklet

Program booklet inside

Exhibition HDD 0910

THE PLUMBER - poster for ballet after motives of B. Vian


Jumbo poster

Jumbo poster

New music days - poster & catalog

SplitTalks 2010

Multi-purposes accreditation: Front

Multi-purposes accreditation: Back / map

Multi-purposes accreditation: Inside / Program


Mediterranean Film Festival Split

Berlinale flyer 2009.

T-shirt 2009

15 Mar 2010

Leut Magnetik

B612 2003.

In coleboration with Vojin Hraste

Leut Magnetik 2005.

In coleboration with Zlatan Vehabovic and Vojin Hraste

28 Jan 2010

Croatian Maritime Museum Split / campaign

Bruna Kazinoti "I" photography exhibition

Poster-catalog (B2) and invitations for my sister’s photography exhibition. Concept of the exhibition was based on the scotch tape, because, in the end, we couldn’t get money for all the expenses. I did typography of the scotch tape for the poster as well, in order to show the beauty which can be provided by a low budget project.

In coleboration with Rafaela Drazic

Zagreb Counterpoint poster

Unzine magazine issue #4

A monthly magazine for expression of the minority opinion distributed via the Internet in the PDF format 1 x 1 m in size, bringing articles dealing with various subjects usually ignored by the mainstream media. www.unzine.org