6 Apr 2012

5th Mediteranean Film Festival Split

Mediteranean Film Festival Split is held every year in the open air cinema “Bačvice” in which, thanks to the outdated cinema equipment, visitors can experience different situations which became extinct in the modern cinemas. Due to the characteristic "uncomfortable" chairs made in the eighties of the last century and a nonexistent slope terrain, the obstruction of the view at the projection of the film is a common phenomenon. The concept for the poster stems from the situations in which the back of somebody’s head from the front row blocks the view at the screen, so the visitors are forced to move and find better position in order to see the film. Vertical typography on the poster also suggests the head movement similar to the movement when searching the best position on the chair, in order to read the necessary information. Thanks to these situations interaction between the viewers is created thus reviving the characteristic Mediterranean spirit of the Festival.  

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